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Training Program begins May 26, 2018


Jonni Pollard reveals what has made him one of the most successful meditation teachers today. In this 10-12 week online master program, Jonni will train you to teach the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique to your students. You will also learn a holistic system of the mind, meditation, the mechanics of stress, and a new understanding of wellbeing.

Throughout the 16 unit program and the live interactive webinars, Jonni shares 20 years of experience of how to have a deep and lasting impact on your students. Our training platform uses the latest adaptive learning technology that supports mastery and makes learning fun. You can take the training in a group format or at your own pace, anywhere you are. All you need is an online device. Join our mission to teach the world to meditate and belong to a passionate global community of expert teachers.

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