1 Giant Mind & Jonni Pollard

Who is 1 Giant Mind? +

Originally founded in 2011 as a non-profit, we set out to bring meditation to as many people as possible. Led by Jonni Pollard and a small team of passionate meditators, we developed and launched one of the highest user rated learn-to-meditate smartphone apps available. In recognizing the limitations of a non-profit and its ongoing reliance on donations, we decided to transform the company into a purpose-driven, for-profit company.

In 2018 we returned to the U.S. to launch our Teacher Training Academy, an online education program that develops and certifies meditation teachers around the world. As a part of our commitment to making meditation as accessible as possible, our Learn Meditation app remains free and our mission has expanded to developing and supporting one of the most important jobs in the world – the meditation teacher.

What makes 1 Giant Mind an expert in meditation education? +

Jonni Pollard, co-founder of 1 Giant Mind and creator of its Learn Meditation program, has over two decades of experience as a student and teacher in both traditional and contemporary meditation practices. Regarded as a master meditation teacher, Jonni has personally taught thousands of business leaders, teachers, wellness professionals and everyday people worldwide. Jonni’s teaching approach strikes a balance between upholding the historic roots of meditation and opening the door to new, accessible ways of learning.

The broader 1 Giant Mind team is a group of passionate professionals with extensive backgrounds in online education, technology, and media. This combination gives 1 Giant Mind a unique edge in delivering a seamless, heartfelt learning experience for those looking to master the role of a meditation teacher.

How is learning meditation with a teacher different from learning from our app? +

Learning with an app is proven to be effective in getting people started with the practice of meditation but nothing can replace the hands-on experience of learning in person from an qualified teacher. The experience is far more personal, intuitive, and impactful in making meditation a daily habit. Also, the relationship between a teacher and student creates a powerful bond that supports ongoing personal development.

What is Jonni Pollard’s meditation training background? +

Jonni has trained for over two decades in the traditions from which meditation derived. Starting in South India in his late teens, Jonni dedicated himself to learning under great masters of the Vedic tradition. A decade later, he was formally trained to become a Vedic meditation teacher and began a private teaching practice in Australia. Jonni’s practice later expanded into the US, Europe, Southeast Asia and India. He regularly travels to continue his training and has taught over 250,000 people to meditate through his programs, courses, and events around the world.


OUr Technique

What is 1 Giant Mind’s approach to meditation? +

We define meditation as any technique that expands self-awareness. This includes various methods where eyes can be closed or open. Our Teacher Training Program trains passionate meditators to teach the 1 Giant Mind ‘Being’ Technique. This technique establishes a baseline of self-awareness and a foundation on which others build from. The Being meditation uses a universal mantra and an effortless technique to cause deep rest and expansion of awareness. When practiced daily, as proven in the 1 Giant Mind app, the Being technique has measurable, positive effects in reducing stress levels and increasing adaptability and general wellbeing.

Is there evidence to support the effectiveness of the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique? +

Yes. Since 2015, we have collected data from more than 6,000 users of the 1 Giant Mind app. This data is sourced from the Personal Stress Survey (PSS) integrated into our app. We track the effectiveness of the technique by asking users to take the survey before and after they complete the 12 Step Learn Meditation course. Our data continues to demonstrate that the 1 Giant Mind technique has a profoundly positive impact on the reduction of stress and shows an increase in our capability to meet life’s challenges and demands.

Will I learn how to teach other meditation techniques? +

In this program you will learn to teach the first of the six meditation techniques in the 1 Giant Mind meditation system: the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique. While this program focuses on teaching the Being Technique, you will gain an understanding of the five other meditation categories and be given an overview of their differences, benefits, and how they all relate to each other in sequence and as a system. Teachers who seek to expand their practice will have the opportunity to take advanced level programs that will provide teacher training and certifications for the other meditation techniques. 1 Giant Mind will begin offering these advanced programs sequentially over time.

Is there a specific tradition from which the 1 Giant Mind’s Being technique is derived? +

Co-Founder and program creator Jonni Pollard’s primary studies were within the Vedic tradition that derived from India and has been practiced for millennia. Jonni also studied a variety of lineages and traditions that assisted him in universalizing meditation techniques in our program so that they are accessible and effective for a modern lifestyle.

Is the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique religious? +

No, this technique is an agnostic mental process that awakens deep self-awareness. Although some traditions and religions may practice a Being technique as a part of their practices, the technique itself does not require any specific beliefs or religious orientation.


about teacher training

Why was the 1 Giant Mind Meditation Teacher Training Academy created? +

When 1 Giant Mind launched in 2011, we set out on a mission to transform as many lives as possible through teaching meditation. Through our mobile app, we introduced a simple yet effective Learn Meditation course that has taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Despite this great success, we recognized the limitations of technology in making the practice stick. What we know is that there’s nothing like learning in person from an expert teacher. So we’ve gone back to the basics to take 1 Giant Mind to the next level and we have created a meditation teacher training academy. Our mission continues to teach as many people as possible and now we have expanded our program to train expert teachers worldwide.

Is the full training program completely online? +


How long is the program? +

The program spans over the course of a year and begins on your program start date. If you successfully complete the online portion and certification, you can be teaching in as little as three months.

The program is broken down into two phases. The first is the online certification training that takes about 12 weeks. This first phase of your training prepares you with the essentials that enable you to begin teaching immediately after certification. A good estimate for typical students is about 5-7 hours per week of study or about one hour a day.

The second phase of your training begins when you start teaching public courses. Our philosophy is that the fastest way to learn how to teach is by actually teaching in the real world.

For the remainder of your program year, you will have access to continuing education via video conferences with Jonni and exclusive webinars from other teachers. These teacher-development classes will dive much deeper into developing your teaching skills and providing practical feedback to your real-world experiences. You will also have access to an ever-growing library of video and audio material that will be regularly updated in response to the common needs of teachers.

At the end of the year, teachers will have the option to renew their certification for continued free access to teacher resources and our teacher community.

Can someone really be trained effectively through online training? +

Yes, our unique teacher training program has been designed based on years of teaching experience. Utilizing online learning technology, Jonni Pollard and the 1 Giant Mind team have crafted a unique curriculum that combines theory, practical exercises, and live teacher/student interaction. The program provides graduates with the foundational knowledge to effectively begin teaching meditation right away. However, it is only when a teacher applies what they have learned as they step into the world and begin teaching that the real training begins.

What is the breakdown of the training program? +

Online Training: The first and most important part of the program is your online training, which is takes about 12 weeks to complete. The program delivers key learning objectives that are presented in both reading and video formats. After each learning section, you will be given practice exercises to assess your comprehension before advancing through the program. The online training also includes real classroom lectures led by Jonni Pollard that reveal a greater practical application of the material.

Live Video Calls: Live video calls provide an interactive experience through moderated group calls led by your teacher, Jonni Pollard. These calls allow you to ask questions directly to Jonni and gain personalized insight into the program material. The calls are scheduled every two weeks and you will have two time options to choose from.*

Practical Exercises: The third component focuses on practical exercises and real-world applications of your training. This includes giving your own practice introduction talks and 3-Day Learn Meditation courses for the purpose of feedback and refinement before entering the world as a certified teacher.

Final Certification Review: Upon successful completion of the first three components, teachers-in-training are required to attend a live video conference with Jonni for a final review of their test introduction talks and 3-Day Learn Meditation course. This final evaluation will be the last step in determining your eligibility for certification.

Can I take this program at my own pace? +

While the program is essentially self pacing, we set out a schedule in which we support you to stick with to ensure you compllete the traing within the 12 week period. Students are allowed to move forward at a fatser pace but are unable to move slower than the schedule. If you do not complete the training within the 12 week period, there will be an additional fee to enable you to remain in the program to complete the training.

What does “adaptive learning” mean and what are its advantages? +

“Adaptive learning” is a term to describe the intelligent algorithm used in our proprietary teacher-training program. Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology, our platform continuously personalizes the most optimal learning path based on your individual skill and knowledge levels. Adaptive learning is a game-changing approach that enables you to accelerate your learning performance. This new form of learning is designed to help you become a confident subject matter master in the 1 Giant Mind teaching system.

What is the teaching style of the training program? +

The program reflects the teaching style that has made Jonni Pollard one of the most sought-after meditation teachers today. Jonni teaches theory and practical techniques in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow format. His style is relaxed, relatable, and engaging as he focuses on ensuring that students comprehend and retain the teaching. The reading, video, and practice exercises are designed to make the learning experience both enjoyable and effective. Our goal is to give you the tools and training to be a great teacher.

Can I succeed in the program if I’ve often had a tough time with school and studying? +

We know that everyone learns in their own way so we’ve designed the program to make sure that whether you prefer reading or watching videos, you can learn in the style that works best for you. While we encourage both reading and watching the material to maximize your learning experience, you can choose one or the other and still effectively advance through the program.

We also understand that tests can be intimidating and challenging for some so we’ve created assessments that are a variety of fun exercises that help you develop greater comprehension of the material. Our assessments are adaptive and dynamic which means they change based on how you learn. Think of each assessment as an opportunity to put learnings immediately into practice. If an answer is incorrect, you can review the material at your own pace and try again. Once you have demonstrated the required level of competency, you are able to move onto the next section.

When are the start dates for the program? +

We generally launch a new class every quarter, the next program start date can be found on our website homepage.


Post Grad & The Certification

What does my certification allow me to do? +

Teach the 1 Giant Mind technique to students in-person through the 3-Day Learn Meditation Course. The course format is a 3 day, 90-minute session course that is offered in person to groups as well as individuals. The number of people you teach is at your discretion but we encourage all new teachers to start with small groups. This helps teachers gain the experience required to ensure all students have gained competency in the course format. As teachers develop a greater teaching skills, they are encouraged to teach larger groups.

Can you tell me more about the certification? +

An active certification provides you access to ongoing education and development from 1 Giant Mind and its teacher resources. Your certification is active for one calendar year from your certification date. To maintain your certification status after the first year, you will be required to renew. Annual certification renewal is available to all teachers in good standing who have met the minimum requirements and have paid their annual renewal fee. Our Teacher Training Program is the first of several programs from 1 Giant Mind that can certify teachers in a system of meditation techniques and skills. These advanced levels and upskilling programs will be offered over time and made available for teachers who are demonstrating full competency and capability in their current level.

Can I start teaching as soon as I am certified? +

Yes, upon certification you can teach in-person groups and individuals the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique through the 1 Giant Mind 3-Day Learn Meditation Course.

Can I teach other techniques of meditation once I become certified? +

Yes. If you are a teacher of other techniques you can still become a teacher of the 1 Giant Mind technique, and we don’t require you to cease teaching other methods. However, it is mandatory that when teaching the 1 Giant Mind technique, you agree to never mix other techniques into the 3-Day Learn Meditation Course format. For this technique to be effective, it is imperative that it is taught as you are trained to teach it.

What if I complete the program but do not qualify for final teacher certification? +

In the event that you graduate the online portion but do not qualify for the final teaching certification, you may retake the program at no additional cost as long as you complete it within the year from the date of your original enrollment.


Enrollment Requirements

What are the requirements to enter the program? +

If you have an active, daily meditation practice for at least six months (on your own, with a teacher, with our app or with any app), and if you have completed the 12-Step Course on our 1 Giant Mind Learn Meditation app, you meet the minimum qualifications to apply. Acceptance and enrollment are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is based on a variety of criteria. Our application is completely free and we welcome you to apply. Shortly after you submit your application, we will get in touch with you about your status and next steps.

What should I do if I don’t quite meet the qualifications for enrollment yet? +

A first easy step is to download the free 1 Giant Mind Learn Meditation app available on Google Play and the Apple Store and complete our 12-Step Learn Meditation course. The course introduces the fundamentals of the meditation technique we refer to as the “Being” technique. To build even more confidence, we encourage you to continue on with the app’s 30 Day Challenge where you can use our helpful tools to track your practice and aid you in making meditation a daily habit. After consistent, six months of meditating twice a day, you will establish a routine with confidence and be qualified to enroll in our in Teacher Training Program.

If I practice a different meditation method, can I still become certified in teaching the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique? +

Yes, we welcome teachers who use other meditation techniques, however, learning the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique is essential for acceptance into the Teacher Training Academy. To learn the 1 Giant Mind Being technique, you can take a 3-Day Learn Meditation Course from a 1 Giant Mind Certified Meditation Teacher, or complete the 12-Step Learn Meditation Course on the free 1 Giant Mind mobile app.


Lifestyle & Values

Do I have to change my lifestyle to be a meditation teacher? +

One of our core values is embodied leadership. Simply put, this means that to be effective teachers, we must lead by example. Only by embracing a regular practice of meditation, self-care, and a balanced lifestyle free of unhealthy habits, can we truly inspire and lead others. While we don’t expect perfection, a commitment to embodied leadership is an important prerequisite for anyone seeking to teach effectively.

What are 1 Giant Mind’s core values for teachers? +

The 1 Giant Mind values are guiding principles set out to support and nurture teachers in their personal development and teaching practice. These values carry a simple yet powerful wisdom that when committed to, will cause not only powerful growth in our lives but also the lives of our students. These values are:

I am dedicated to a daily meditation practice and am committed to anchoring my attention in the present to meet the demands of life with my highest qualities of kindness, love, and wisdom. I am dedicated to my personal wellbeing and being of service to the wellbeing of others. I am patient and process oriented as I courageously explore my inner world and learn how to live that in the outside world. I am compassionate and recognize that each of us is on a journey of learning and exploring what it means to be human. I am committed to refining the quality of my attention, as I understand that the quality of my attention determines the quality of my relationship with myself, everyone in my life, and the world around me. I support and encourage myself and those around me to face fear, step into the unknown, and innovate the best version of what we desire in our lives. I am clear with my personal boundaries and respect others. I am dedicated to empowering my students to become self-sufficient in order to progress without becoming dependent on my guidance for a moment longer than needed. I accept that I am not the absolute solution to my student’s needs or problems, and I seek to collaborate with experts in a variety of different fields to provide my students with the most holistic support I can. I seek to strengthen my community with these values and be an agent of deeper connection, shared growth, and belonging.


Tuition & Basic Terms

What do I receive for my tuition? +

Enrollment into our year-long program, including your online training, ongoing post-graduation support, ongoing access to curriculum material, video calls with Jonni and other expert teachers, and access to the 1 Giant Mind Global Teachers private FB group.

Can I retake the training if I don’t pass the certification? +

Yes, you have the option to retake the training for a small fee to cover the cost of your registration ion the program.

Is there a date that I have to complete the program by? +

You're going to be encouraged to stay on pace with your class and complete the online portion within 12 weeks. If you fall behind and cannot complete the online portion within 12 weeks, extensions can be granted under special circumstances, and as approved by your program liaison. The extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Can I retake the training again after I have graduated? +

Yes, teachers who successfully graduate from the program are encouraged to attend weekly webinars, live videos calls, and may even request to retake their training for a small fee that covers your registration in the program.

What is the cost of tuition? +

The standard cost of tuition is $2000 USD and includes a year of training, teacher development and support.

Are there any refunds and what if I don’t get certified on my first attempt? +

If you have completed the program and were not certified, you will have the opportunity to retake the program in a new cohort. This will be at a smaller cost of $120USD. Requests for refunds of any kind must first be submitted formally through an application to petition. All petitions for refunds are reviewed by our petition committee and determined on a case-by-case basis.