Our Values

  1. I am dedicated to my personal wellbeing and being of service to the wellbeing of others.

  2. I am patient and process oriented as I courageously explore my inner world and learn how to live that in the outside world.

  3. I am compassionate and recognize that each of us is on a journey of learning and exploring what it means to be human.

  4. I am committed to refining the quality of my attention, as I understand that the quality of my attention determines the quality of my relationship with myself, everyone in my e, and the world around me.

  5. I support and encourage myself and those around me to face fear, step into the unknown, and innovate the best version of what we desire in our lives.

  6. I am clear with my personal boundaries and respect others.

  7. I am dedicated to empowering my students to become self-sufficient in order to progress without becoming dependent on my guidance for a moment longer than needed.

  8. I accept that I am not the absolute solution to my student’s needs or problems, and I seek to collaborate with experts in a variety of different fields to provide my students the most holistic support I can.

  9. I seek to strengthen my community with these values and be an agent of deeper connection, shared growth, and belonging.