Lidia, app user

"I really feel the difference when I take time out even just once a day to meditate. It’s definitely helping in ways I can’t really explain and I look forward to becoming more at peace and in tune with my body with your continued support."


James, app user

"Your app has changed my life. I suffer from anxiety and only after 8 of sessions I feel like a different person."


dasha, app user

"Daily practice through 1 Giant Mind helps me calm down and relax. Everyday I look forward to 20 minutes of me time. The meditation app helped me beat a disease that doctors told me there was nothing else other than resection. Then I found the 1 Giant Mind app. Since then I have learned so much about meditation and its amazing benefits. Last month my doctor told me I am officially in remission. I’d love to thank you. Meditation was one of the major parts of my healing journey."

Michelle, app user

"This has been truly life changing. After a session of meditation, life was better. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life to the point where that feeling was normal, normal to increasing unbearable, climaxing around 30 days ago. I knew I couldn’t continue this way. I started meditating, guided by your app. The next day I was well, I kid you not. It changed overnight."

app user

"After trying Calm and Headspace, 1 Giant Mind is my go-to app every morning for a 10 or 15 minute meditation moment. If you are looking for simplicity and calm, this is it"

app user

"It is the simplicity of this app that is so appealing. Instead of 30 different programs to choose from, it is one simple practice thoughtfully applied. Great advice and minimal guidance during the meditations. I finally feel like I’m actually learning to meditate instead of listening to someone tell me how to meditate."

app user

"I find your app absolutely wonderful. Having tried meditation via yoga for 47 years and never really achieving any benefits, as I couldn’t stay focused or calm, a friend with depression suggested your app. I had nursed my husband with cancer and when he died last year, I hated my sad and lonely thoughts on awakening each day. I tried 1 Giant Mind and have been hooked ever since. It frees my mind, calms my thoughts and gives me a positive start to the day."

Hillary, app user

"I’m 62 and have raised 5 children. I have lots of emotional problems as I enter an older stage of life and living. Jonni’s voice in your app is especially good. It’s mildly atmospheric and allows one’s own imagination to participate with you as you guide. Thank you very much for all your free content."