1 Giant Mind is Teaching the world to meditate.

Since 2011, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world learn how to meditate through our free apps and events. Today, we now also train passionate meditators to bring the benefits of meditation to the world through in-person courses.



We train passionate meditators to become impactful leaders.

The 1 Giant Mind Meditation Teacher Training is unlike anything in the world.

We train you to teach an effective meditation technique rooted in tradition and formatted for a modern audience.

We are accepting enrolLments for our next training January 2020.

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Train To Become A Teacher

Certified in as little as 12 weeks

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  • Teach others to reduce and manage stress, and its negative impact with a proven meditation methodology, practiced by over a hundred thousand people around the world.

  • Empower your students to grow their wellbeing and feel more happy and fulfilled in their lives.

  • Meet the ever-growing demand for expertly trained meditation teachers in every area of society.

  • Become certified to begin successfully teaching students in as little as 12 weeks.

  • Learn from world renowned meditation teacher Jonni Pollard who has 20+ years experience and over 10,000 hours of practice, study, and teaching.


Learn To Meditate

Learn to meditate in 12 easy steps and start feeling happier,

more energized and less stressed.

  • Each step takes 15 minutes and builds upon the previous step

  • Enjoy the support of video tutorials, a journal and set a reminder tools

  • Unlock exclusive content as you progress

  • Learn more about meditation with our FAQ library

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1 giant mind podcast


Take your meditation practice to the next level.


Meditation Teacher and 1 Giant Mind Co-founder Jonni Pollard is interviewed by curious minds looking for insights on meditation and the wellbeing of our humanity.

Copy of Copy of 12 Step Course